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NCLEX-RN Exam-Answers: Full and Updated – Topic 1

The NCLEX-RN exam, also known as the National Council Licensure Examination, is a standardized exam that each state board of nursing uses to determine whether or not a candidate is prepared for entry-level nursing practice. But your first step is to successfully complete an accredited nursing degree.

NCLEX-RN Question No : 1 – Topic 1

A six-month-old infant has been admitted to the emergency room with febrile seizures. In the teaching of the parents, the nurse states that:

  • A. Sustained temperature elevation over 103F is generally related to febrile seizures
  • B. Febrile seizures do not usually recur
  • C. There is little risk of neurological deficit and mental retardation as sequelae to febrile seizures*
  • D. Febrile seizures are associated with diseases of the central nervous system

Explanation: (A) The temperature elevation related to febrile seizures generally exceeds 101F, and seizures occur during the temperature rise rather than after a prolonged elevation. (B) Febrile seizures may recur and are more likely to do so when the first seizure occurs in the 1st year of life. (C) There is little risk of neurological deficit, mental retardation, or altered behavior secondary to febrile seizures. (D) Febrile seizures are associated with disease of the central nervous system.