Dirt Cheap Shot

Dayang Makiling made its way to Google’s Art & Culture app

When you snap a selfie, Google compares it to the faces in famous artworks from its partner museums and (within seconds) finds you a bunch of matches, each with a percentage estimate that ranks your likeness with the famous portrait.

Harry Styles is Ryūsei Kishida’s Koya Yoshio (69% Matched)


Harry Styles’ art twin has beautiful glowing skin, just like the star!

Harry Edward Styles is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. He rose to stardom as a member of the boy band One Direction. Styles grew up in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, where he was the lead singer in a band.

Ryūsei Kishida was a Japanese painter in Taishō and Shōwa period Japan. He is best known for his realistic yōga-style portraiture, but also for his nihonga paintings in the 1920s.