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Get A Loan – Visit The Clearest Water Forms in the World

Heading for a vacation? Get a loan and don’t make it something very monotonous, visiting water forms that look very normal, commercialized and… just, plain. The world has a numerous water bodies which are very serene, clear and majestic. We have listed down the clearest water forms in the world which you might want to take note for your travel journal. Better yet, book that next flight this instant because you will surely be enticed in finding out for yourself how beautiful life could be in these equally beautiful places. From beaches to lakes and bays, you are guaranteed to be amazed.

Get a loan and visit Panari Island – Okinawa, Japan

Get a loan and visit Panari-Island-Okinawa-Japan

Aragusuku Island is popularly known as Panari of Yaeyama Islands in Japan. It is made up of two separate islands. However, during low-tide season, you can walk between the two islands! The population is very low, and there are no stores, shops and nothing commercial in the island. This is the secret behind the place maintaining its clear waters. However, you have no means to stay in the island overnight. You need to get back to mainland Japan for sleeping.