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Celebrities who thanked cosmetic dentistry for their winning smile

We envy the stunning looks of Hollywood stars. We melt in our seats when we see them parade their good genes on the red carpet during awards shows. But not all celebrities were perfect from head to toe. Some of them have to resort to cosmetic dentistry to achieve that Hollywood-worthy face. Here are some stars who thanked the magic of dentistry for their megawatt smile.

Tom Cruise

Although he made our hearts swoon for years, he still marched his way to the dentist’s chair after a long line of box office hits. The “Risky Business”, “Top Gun” and “Mission Impossible” star began his Hollywood journey sporting discolored, misaligned teeth. He chose to improve his looks when his pearly whites got braces at the age of 40. Cosmetic dentistry also fixed his chipped tooth. Eventually, he upgraded to veneers.