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Hottest Oscar Female Awardees

The Oscars, or The Academy Awards is the oldest running annual American awards for film. It is vested to honor cinematic achievements. Every year, people around the world are awaiting the awards night, and getting to know who will be winners among the nominees. It had also been a yearly tradition to check who are […]

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2018 List of Hottest Female Lawyers in the World

There is a thing in the world called Sapiosexuals. It is a person who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature of another person. Listening to someone speak so fluently about his career or expertise can also be sexually stimulating. This certain kind of attraction are oftentimes felt towards doctors, teachers, and yes, lawyers. Then, […]

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40 Unforgettable Photos from the Past

A picture can convey a myriad of ideas and can evoke a cluster of emotions from those who see it.  Newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane’s statement “A picture is worth a thousand words” is an absolute truth. This is more evident on photos taken from the past. It can narrate a history of a person or […]

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9 Female Celebrities who had younger husbands

It is usual for men to marry younger ladies but there are several extraordinary famous women who choose younger lads as their life partners. Some are branded as cougars while some are tagged as perennial brides. Demi Moore, the famous star of the immortal film “Ghost” is at the top of the list. She wed […]

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