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2018 Famous Celebrity Lawyers You Want to Hire

Numerous big names were once simply customary individuals doing their occupations, for example, Gene Simmons and Sting, who were instructors before ended up being a famous rock star. Although it’s somewhat unusual for a lawyer to give up their career to become a celebrity, except for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who maybe 2 of the biggest lawyer turned celebrities who ended up managing the entire country and actually live in the White house.

Nevertheless, Only a handful of lawyers who successfully left their careers in exchange of being a celebrity. Others remained lawyers but with a side-gig and struggling to make a name for themselves in show business.

Here’s our list of lawyers who turned celebrity.

Rebel Wilson


Graduated in 2009, Rebel Wilson went to University of New South Wales and had a degree in Bachelor of Laws. Also a former Youth Ambassador of Rotary International for Australia, she moved for a year in South Africa where she contracted malaria. While having hallucinations, she saw herself winning an Oscar thus becoming an actress.